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Delivery Information dasdasda

Delivery Information

Delivery Information


        When we receive your order and are ready to schedule a delivery date, you will be contacted in the telephone number that you have provided in your order. At that time we will let you know which days of the week we are able to deliver your articles. All products are transported and delivered using the Van Gogh’s or its partner’s delivery net work.

Pre-order: For pre-orders, the estimated delivery time is 30 to 40 days from the day your order is confirmed.

Product pick-up at Van Gogh’s store:

1.       Please bring a valid government issued ID and your proof of purchase either digitally or in print.

2.       If you wish to designate another person to pick-up your order, please make sure that this person brings a forwarded copy of your proof of purchase with your written consent, including the full name of the designated person that matches the government-issued photo ID.

3.   Cancellation Policy:

If you are requesting to cancel your order, you must contact us within 2 Hrs from the time the order was placed.

4.   When will I receive my delivery?

    In the shopping cart, you will receive an Estimated Delivery Date in order to ensure that your delivery is processed as quickly as possible.

Please note that it may not be a guaranteed delivery date for your order. Some areas may take longer due to the frequency of deliveries to the delivery zip code.

Who needs to sign for my delivery?

Either you or your representative who is 18  years of age or above, must be present to receive the merchandise on the agreed upon day time window.

Please be sure to sign the delivery order note in the presence of delivery company representative to indicate that your delivery has been received.

What may additional fees apply?

Additional payment by you may be required if the conditions mentioned above have not been fulfilled or you require special services outside of our standard delivery.

Note: Once we deliver the product and leave the customer’s premises, we will not be able to entertain any cancellation or replacement requests other than those covered by the product warranty. We expect the customers to be present at the time of delivery to check for any possible manufacturing defects. Should there be any, please inform the service associate. Our delivery staff will assist you with any questions you may have. For all products that involve assembly, please ensure that the delivery team assembles the product for you to make sure that all nuts and bolts are in place and they fit well.